Multicultural Coalition on Aging

Founded in 1994, the Multicultural Coalition on Aging (MCA) is comprised of more than 75 agencies, institutions and private citizens in the greater Boston area.The MCA is dedicated to the delivery of culturally appropriate care, including educational, clinical and research programs for older adults. The MCA holds monthly meetings for presentations, information sharing, interagency networking, and collaboration on Coalition initiatives. The Coalition hosts bi-annual Aging Well Together health conferences in 10 languages for a diverse group of older adults.

Institute for Aging Research (IFAR)
1200 Centre Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02131Tel: 617-971-5300Aging Brain Center
Tel: 617-971-5390
Fax: 617-971-5309
E-mail: agingbraincenter@hsl.harvard.eduCardiovascular/Syncope & Falls (SAFE) Research
Tel: 617-971-5311
Fax: 617-971-5349

Musculoskeletal Research
Tel: 617-971-5365
Fax: 617-971-5339

Palliative Care Research
Tel: 617-971-5326
Fax: 617-971-5339


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